These 5 Questions Will Help You Determine Exactly Which Love & Hip Hop Family is Most Like Yours

Do you have in-law drama like A1 and Lyrica, or are you and your siblings cliqued-up like Stevie J's kids?

Thanksgiving is coming, which means lots of time will be spent with distant family you haven’t seen in a while. Whether you’ve got feuding in-laws throw hands at family functions like Lyrica and A1 or siblings that all stick together like one big happy squad like Stevie J’s kiddos, there’s a Love & Hip Hop family somewhere on the spectrum that you can probably relate to.

Take the quiz and figure out which Love & Hip Hop family dynamic is most like yours.

Even the worst drama can end happily! See? Lyrica was able to get her mom and Pam to hug it out as a start to resolving their issues. Hopefully, Thanksgivings are much more peaceful these days.

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