Tiffany “New York” Pollard Gets Roasted By Her Roommates After Losing a Scared Famous Challenge

"I felt like I did a great job. Yes, I let the team down."

The showdown we’ve all been waiting for, finally happened: Sky and Tiffany “New York” Pollard have had enough of each other’s strong personalities after the Scared Famous house lost it’s first competition and Sky (and everyone else TBH) felt like the responsibility was on Tiffany.

When Tiffany couldn’t perform the challenge, Eva took one for the team, and swapped places with her so she wouldn’t have to be locked inside of a coffin like everyone else. Now all sis had to do was help everyone else get out of their coffins. So naturally when Tiffany failed to help all five roommates get out in less than four minutes, well the blame all fell on her. Back at the house everyone was giving New York the business for making them take that huge L, which ultimately cost them $10,000 in their team bank. Even though Tiffany tried to defend herself, Sky was NOT having any parts of her explanation. It’s not surprising considering Sky isn’t a big fan of the “little weirdo” and might still feel a certain type of way about Tiffany sending Drita home.

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