Don Benjamin is Being Messy Trying to Pit Safaree Against Alaska in This Scared Famous Sneak Peek

It's becoming really hard to tell the difference between friend and foe.

It’s getting down to the wire and with only a few roommates left in the Scared Famous house things are turning into a game of every man and woman playing for themselves. Don Benjamin is trying to better his chances of securing the bag by getting someone else to do the dirty work in this sneak peek.

Don wants to convince his boy Safaree to take Alaska out of the competition. He tries to use fancy alliance talk to prove to Safaree that Alaska is the biggest obstacle in the way of either of them winning the $100,000 prize. Only problem is many of the partnerships in the house have either dissolved or are operating on shaky ground. The entire Love & Hip Hop alliance has already been axed. Even the once strong Top Model alliance is starting to fracture. So don’t blame Safaree if he’s looking out for himself. We clearly see Don is doing the same thing, he’s just being really sneaky about it.

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