It Came, Was Dragged, Now It Must Go: Can We Please Leave These Things in 2017?

We're canceling Lena, Cryrese, and also the word "canceled."

2017 is a wrap (thank baby Jesus) and there is a plethora of things that can stay behind with the year. Seriously, good riddance!

With the over-saturation of the internet, trends, fads, songs, and people get old quick. You all certainly know how to drag things. It seems like any time a new phrase comes out, it’s used to the point of misuse making its RIP date come a lot faster than anticipated. Like, damn, can we enjoy something? Por ejemplo, blue confetti coming out of a balloon at a gender reveal-cute. Having a Ferris Wheel light up with the color? A bit too much. No? Yea. Well, check out some things we definitely need to leave behind because frankly, enough is enough.

Instead of cancelling people, try calling them a “dub,” like Jaquae did Sophia Body in this Love & Hip Hop clip.

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