Don is in Complete Disbelief After Learning His Sister Has Taken Her Own Life in this Heart-Shattering Black Ink Crew: Chicago Highlight

"I don't even know how to f---ing feel right now."

Don knew that his sister has been battling depression for quite a long time. He was devastated when he found out that she ended her life as a result of her battle.

Don’s mood immediately goes from happy to anxious in this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight when he unexpectedly receives a call from the hospital his sister was being treated at. Dominique Flewellen was found in the Chicago River and pronounced DOA after several failed attempts of revival. The death was ruled a suicide. Learning that his sister is gone is weighing heavy and Don can’t even hold back his tears. As images of his baby sister flash on the screen up until the time of her graduation, Don is in mourning. The pain Don is feeling is insurmountable but thankfully he has his brother Phor by his side in this moment to offer emotional support.

Mental health is nothing to be taken lightly. We extend our prayers and condolences to Don and his family. Your sister truly looked beautiful.

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