Sneak Peek: Kat Tells Rachel That If She Had Never Moved to LA, She Would Still Be Messing With Ryan

"I chose to leave and it wasn't until I left that we stopped f---ing with each other."

Racheltries to get sassy about who is responsible for starting 9 Mag, so Kat humbles her in the best way she knows how: by telling Rachel about her man. Bloop!

In the sneak peek to the Black Ink Crew: Chicago season finale, Kat is hanging out with the crew and everyone seems to be happy to have her… except Ryan and Rachel of course. Don takes it upon himself to speak a few words of how much his 9 Mag family means to him in an attempt to alleviate the tension in the room. Don has been through a lot since losing his sister but appreciates his brothers and sisters in the shop. Since the floor is open, Kat takes it to admit to the mistakes she’s made and to explain that she feels most at home in Chicago. Her speech gets interrupted when Rachel checks Kat to say that Ryan started 9 Mag with auxiliary support from the other artists. Even Van doesn’t understand what Rachel means and she makes it clear that if all of them are gone, 9 Mag would still be there with Ryan as boss. That was a slap in the face and Kat airs things out once more. She tells Rachel that she chose to leave for Los Angeles and had she not, Ryan would still be chasing her.

This can’t end well. Don’t miss the season finale of Black Ink Crew: Chicago next Wednesday at 9/8c followed by the season six premiere of Black Ink Crew at 10/9c!

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