Don is Thankful For Fans’ Support and Condolences Regarding His Sister’s Death, Begs Fans To Be More Kind To Each Other

"Make sure you tell somebody that they're beautiful today."

Following that heart-breaking moment of Black Ink Crew: Chicago when Don learned of the passing of his sister Dominique Flewellen, he took to Instagram to thank fans for their well-wishes in his family’s time of grief.

He captioned,

I see you I’ve received all your love, emails, and messages. I will try my hardest to respond to all of them. Thank you for supporting my family but please take the time out today to support someone else. Any small gesture of love can change somebody’s day and maybe it was somebody’s life. Being spiteful and hateful only brings your own blessings down. #Brothers #87th #NMOL #blessed #mentalhealthawareness #family

In swiping left on the post, he also reminds anyone who may feel ashamed, defeated, or even affected that mental illness is not a personal failure. Don even took his own advice earlier this season in being a shoulder to lean on for Cobra at a time she felt she was at her breaking point.

So take a moment out of your day today to tell a loved one or even a stranger some kind words. Someone’s life may be dependent on it.

In this touching Black Ink Crew Chicago moment, Don assures Cobra that if she ever needs anyone to talk to about her depression, she will always have a friend in him.

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