Celebs Show Us How NOT To Wear Red, White, and Blue

These outfits are borderline treasonous.

The Fourth of July is the perfect holiday to show off patriotism in style. From red, white, and blue dresses, to star-spangled jeans, we all have one of those outfits ready for the big day, and celebs are no exception. Unfortunately, not all celebs have the style it takes to fashionably rock a flag across their chest. So, to keep the rest of us from looking a fool this year, we take a look at famous people who wore our national colors all wrong. This Independence Day, feel free…to learn from their mistakes.

  • 1 Carrie Underwood
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    Corset tops are usually not a good idea to begin with, but slap some red stars on it and it gets even worse. Carrie took her title as a “country” singer to new levels with this flag themed outfit.

  • 2 Halle Berry
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    At first glance, Halle’s beauty could distract the eye from this horrible ensemble. But don’t let her flawless face fool you—this dress is tacky and shines about as bright as the plastic tablecloth it was cut from.

  • 3 Mr. T.
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    I pity the fool who told Mr. T that this was an acceptable outfit! But hey, at least this absurd pajama set blends in with the red carpet.

  • 4 Kid Rock
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    While Kid Rock jammed out on stage during the Superbowl XXXVIII, everyone had the same question in mind: Is this a patterned poncho or an actual American flag with a hole in the top? Either way, both are in incredibly poor taste.

  • 5 Kesha
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    Kesha can be summed up by the mantra “living young, and wild, and free.” The singer wore this ensemble on stage and a similar tattered flag look at Coachella in 2011. Is she trying to say something with the tatters? Better be careful with that. Regardless, for the rest of us non-pop stars, walking around in a ripped up T-shirt, and practically nothing else, isn’t a good look.

  • 6 Jane Krakowski
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    This dress is arguably the low point of Campbell’s soup cans as pop art.

  • 7 Tilda Swinton
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    Tilda is well known for her bizarre fashion, so it came as no surprise that she had no qualms about rocking this red, white, and blue atrocity to the Young Adam premiere back in 2003. From the ruffles to the popped collar, this outfit is an act of aggression against the United States.

  • 8 Meryl Streep
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    How could two Oscar-winning actresses make the same mistake? (Remember Halle Berry?) Meryl can usually do no wrong, but this flag-inspired dress, which she wore in France while promoting Doubt, should have given her doubts about her own about her fashion sense. Unless it was intended to flip off the French, in which case, well played, Meryl.

  • 9 Wyclef Jean
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    Animals were killed to make this leather monstrosity. If anything, that’s celebrating tyranny, and we don’t do that in this country.

  • 10 Reba McEntire
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    Reba is a talented singer and actress. That said, no one expects her to have a great fashion sense…and she doesn’t. Aside from announcing which side she’s on should full-scale war ever break out on our home soil, this star-dangled outfit is good for a whole lot of nothing.

  • 11 Marina Diamandis
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    This U.K. singer’s conservative father considered McDonald’s the “Antichrist,” which is probably why she developed “an obsession with bad pop culture in America.” Unfortunately, recognizing that something is bad and embracing it ironically doesn’t make it good.

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