Kat Promises Ryan that She Will Never Step Foot In 9 Mag Again In The Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season Finale

"I. Bow. Out."

You can’t s–t where you eat and because Kat and Ryan’s relationship is practically ruined, she needs to find a new place to collect her bread.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, a heated Kat is over Ryan and his snake-like behavior. As Kat is calming down with Danielle and Charmaine, she is silenced when Ryan knocks on the door requesting to speak with her outside. In their private discussion Ryan admits that he never thought that things would’ve gone so far. He understands why Kat felt the need to tell Rachel everything but at the end of the day he runs a business. Now it’s a point where the two can’t even work with one another anymore because it is an uncomfortable and awkward situation. The tears start flowing and Kat explains that she doesn’t regret anything that went down with him sexually but before all of that, Ryan was her friend first. She never imagined he would speak about her the way he has been. Too much has happened and the friendship is so messed up that things just can’t go back to how it was. There are consequences to their actions and they just have to live with it. Realizing that their friendship can’t continue right now, Kat thanks Ryan for everything he’s done for her and she vows to never go to 9 Mag again.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is a wrap but you can catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew on Wednesdays all winter!

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