ICYMI: Dutchess Has Reached A New Low By Allowing Sky’s Son To Be Interviewed in Her Shop and Ceaser is Absolutely Disgusted

"Go after me, I can handle that s---t. To go after something so sacred... is evil as f---k."

You can curse her out and even beat her up but Dutchess using Sky’s son against her is the ultimate low blow.

In this Black Ink Crew highlight, Ceaser is sent a video of Sky’s son in Dutchess’ shop. Confusion sets in because Sky hasn’t seen her son in 15 years, leading them to wonder what he is doing there. In listening to the interview, Sky’s son shows no mercy in expressing his distaste for his mother. Sky’s absence from his life has heavily affected him to the point where he believes his adoption is not even legal. He doesn’t want her money or for her to be in his life and Sky is broken. She’s at a loss for words. For a long time Sky has been anticipating meeting her son but now she is terrified in hearing how he feels. To add insult to injury, it looks like Dutchess is the one perpetuating this. To go after something so sensitive is truly evil and Ceaser makes it his word that Dutchess will not get away with this.

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