A Mysterious Man Threatens Donna That Her Ex, Maxwell, Will Come After Her Once He’s Out Of Prison

"Last time I spoke to him [he] said he's going to kill me if I'm with anybody."

For a while Donna has been able to breathe knowing that her abusive ex, Maxwell is behind bars. After receiving a threatening phone call, she is terrified for not just her safety but her life.

Everyone is on their grind to get the shop back in tip top shape in this Black Ink Crew highlight. Melody has her manager hat and promised to have the contractors come as long as the crew cleans up. Ted failed in his mission to bring Ceaser back to Atlanta but the Black Ink owner has been thottin’ and boppin’. The pictures tell it all. All of this acting out makes it apparent to Ted that his cousin still misses Dutchess.

A blocked number calls Donna and she is confused as to who’s on the other line. A man calls her a “dumpster ho” and warns her that her ex is about to get out of jail. This comes as a shock because homeboy was supposed to be locked up for the next 15 years. The last time she spoke to him he threatened to kill her and now it’s getting real. Donna had a glimmer of hope knowing she was safe with him behind bars but with him coming out, there’s no telling what he would do. Donna just wants peace and knows she won’t get that with Maxwell around.

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