Draya Michele’s Latest Instagram Post About Parenting Has Twitter Up in Arms

Where do you stand on the issue?

Former Basketball Wives star Draya Michele is currently the hot topic on social media after posting a note where she complained about having to sign off on her son Kniko’s homework assignment. The Instagram post was met with visceral reactions.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Draya claims that Kniko’s assignment was to memorize and recite a four-minute American history speech five times a day. The teacher required him to have a parent sign off to verify that he practices at home. After days of hearing the speech, Draya finally had enough and refused to continue doling out the signatures because she thought the teacher’s request was excessive. She then brought the issue to her followers and asked them to weigh in, which didn’t turn out as well as she hoped.

“I’m all for helping my child with his homework, but at this point, she has him harassing me with this speech,” she wrote. “I’m hearing it 2x a day for a month straight. I’m finna memorize it…Tell your teacher I’m done with this. It’s not my damn homework. But it feels like it. What ya’ll think?” She then responded to someone’s comment, clarifying that, “I’m not annoyed of signing. I’m annoyed of him feeling the need to read it to me everyday.”

Twitter caught wind of Draya’s post and immediately let her have it:

Others were a little more empathetic towards the reality star, offering the perspective that her frustration towards her son’s school doesn’t automatically make her a bad parent.

Since the moment she came into the public eye, Draya’s parenting has been called into question. Her cast members on her first season of Basketball Wives LA dug up old police reports that Draya claimed were falsely reported but she hasn’t been able to live it down.

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