Even Jaquae Doesn’t Know Why He Was Wearing That Giant Bondom Hat in this Week’s Check Yourself

He wasn't serious with that hat. There's no way.

I don’t know where Jaquae thought he was going looking like the Man in the Not-So-Yellow Hat but it comforts me to know that he realizes he was buggin’ with that. Sheesh, that was tragic.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop, Jaquae shows up with a hat even he knew looked ridiculous. He’s not the only one feeling himself. The Gwinin’ gawd DJ Self is liking the way production has your boy moving in slo-mo. Anywho, when Sophia Body’s name is brought up, Rich Dollaz looked like he knew a thing or two about her. In looking back, Jaquae sees why people are roasting him but calling it a “condom hat”? Pause. It’s fashion. The James R. puppy gift-giving situation has Rich and Jaquae messed up. People don’t do that. Then for Sophia to bring the next man’s gift to Jaquae’s home is a no-no. The fact that he turned down Sophia’s birthday gift off of principal seems kind of dumb to the Creep Squad members. But, hey, to each his own.

Meanwhile, Navarro couldn’t be more proud to have a building named after him. Being the first black public defender for Hackensack, New Jersey is a big deal so give it up for Navarro one time. (Round of applause for #BlackExcellence.) Rich is trying to be respectful at the function but he can’t concentrate with all that booty on him. There’s a time and place to drop certain bombs and Rich just didn’t feel comfortable telling Navarro the situation with the married client. Anais is an ear hustler and Navarro can’t even be mad at her. To tell Ashley she’s getting fired was messy. The position Navarro was in, was no doubt messed up but Rich is going to need his brother in all things creep to get it together. That wasn’t a good look.

Jaquae, bro, but that hat. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c!

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