Not a Drill: Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Wear Underwear

That's how she can wear so many skin-tight outfits.

This is very important information. In her new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Queen of Taking Selfies When Her Sister is Going to Jail Kim Kardashian reveals that she — wait for it — doesn’t wear underwear. Mind blown, right?

But homegirl has her reasons. Kim says this is how she can fit into so many skin-tight outfits and look fab AF. You do you, girl.

However, this means that in every one of these photos, Kim (apparently) is going Kommando.

No underwear.

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M.I.A.: underwear.


Still no underwear.



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*Tried to take me to an underwear store. Walking away from all the underwear.*

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This is a moment that changes fashion forever. In the interview, Kim also dishes on how she deals with the press and the best time to take a beach bikini selfie. (Hint: Set your alarm!)

TGT has more in the video above. Kim’s RS issue is on newsstands now.