Sky Is Devastated to Learn That Her Eldest Son Has Zero Interest in Meeting Her in the Black Ink Crew Sneak Peek

"I know he has some people who are around me who are putting some sucky stuff in his head."

Sky has finally gained the courage to meet her sons but it’s bittersweet when she finds out that one is ecstatic but the other doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.

In the Black Ink Crew sneak peek, Sky meets her sons’ adoptive mother, Candace and tours the home they grew up in. As appreciative as she is to see where they were raised, Sky decides to ask Candace if there is any chance she could possibly meet the boys. Seeing the youngest son Des is no issue. The young football star has also been anticipating this moment for a long time. Genesis, on the other hand, doesn’t share the same energy. He moved out back in July after his biological father Alton reached out to him. At the time, the adoptive mother felt it was a good idea for Genesis to be around flesh and blood but unfortunately that was a misguided decision. Genesis lost the love he had for Sky and instead it seems that his father has poisoned him against the woman who birthed him. There have been several times Sky wanted to visit and the fact that she didn’t want to be an interruption in their lives is commendable. As unfortunate as the situation has become, Sky still needs to know if there is anyway she can meet him, despite learning about how he feels. In Candace’s opinion, a one-on-one meeting is no problem. His anger is an issue but not big enough stop a reconciliation. Sky sees a glimmer of hope for Genesis but as far as the son who is willing to meet her, she will get the chance when he is out of football practice!

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