Fun Fact: Did You Know One Of Korea’s Most Popular Rappers Named Himself After A Love & Hip Hop Star?

You'll never guess who.

This fun tidbit of information may seem random (because it is), but we just learned that one of our favorite Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars has influence that reaches all the way across the globe.

Rapper-turned-businessman Benzino recently discovered that his name was the inspiration for a Korean rapper named Beenzino.
No, that’s not a typo, nor is it a coincidence. Beenzino is signed to Illionaire Records and says his name is a parody of the one and only Benzino. It’s also partly a play on the rapper’s birth name, Lim Sung-bin.
The South Korean superstar was included among High Snobiety’s list of most stylish Korean rappers.
Check out one of Beenzino’s most popular tunes, “Life In Color.”

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