At 4 Months Pregnant, Princess Love Looks Amazing As She Shares Her Diet and Workout Tips

Take a peek at Princess's first pregnancy pics!

Sixteen weeks pregnant and Princess Love is not only serving lewks but her fitness is still on point!

Like many expectant mothers, this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has been chronicling her pregnancy and we can’t get over her glow. Princess shared this picture with her Instagram fam with a caption comparing her widdle baby to the size of an avocado.
Doesn’t she look snatched in that onesie?

Pregnancy isn’t stopping Princess from getting her workout on. She also shared this video of her showcasing her boxing skills with her hypeman/hubby Ray J.
A girl has to eat right? Princess has also been posting about her diet and is thankful to have a Wendy’s nearby. That 4 for $4 is undefeated.

Don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s food ?After @Postmates failed to deliver my order at 11pm and still charged me ? Thankfully Wendy’s was still open #FuckPostmates #IHopePostmatesCrashesAndBurns #DeletingPostmatesOutMyPhone #NeverAgain

We are loving how Princess is carrying this pregnancy and can’t wait to meet her mini-me!

In this throwback clip from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J and Princess practice for parenthood.

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