Sneak Peek: Someone Stole $10,000 From the 113th Shop And Sky Returns To New York to Investigate

"These thieving motherf----rs."

Not everyone will willingly admit to taking $10,000 that doesn’t belong to them which is why Cease needs someone tough like Sky to get to the bottom of this.

In the Black Ink Crew sneak peek, Kit has some very pressing news to deliver to Ceaser. While he’s been bossing up in Atlanta, she discovered that the 113th shop has an issue with their books. $10K is missing. Rather than to have had her travel down south to deliver this news, Cease wishes he heard about his “misplaced” funds a lot sooner. Ten grand is a lot of bands. After quadruple checking, it’s very apparent to Cease that someone took that money and Sky can’t help but have “I told you so” sentiments towards Cease for putting Kit in charge of money. Kit doesn’t want to say anyone took it but Cease needs Sky to turn into 007. He trusts Sky so this undercover job is perfect for her to find out who took the bread.

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