When Sky Tries to Talk To Her Son Genesis, He Explodes On Her and Attacks Security in This Black Ink Crew Highlight

"I never had no real ass life."

The Sky Genesis has seen on television and the person she tries to explain she used to be doesn’t add up to her estranged son. Since he doesn’t believe that she came from nothing, Sky’s son goes off on her and everybody around.

In this Black Ink Crew highlight, Sky anxiously awaits for her son Genesis to arrive after finally agreeing to meet with her. After watching his interview at Dutchess’ shop, Sky is a bit intimidated because she witnessed a lot of anger but still needs him to know how much she loves him. After saying a quick prayer, Genesis begrudgingly walks in and Sky’s nerves set in. This is the first time she’s seen him in 15 years. Naturally she wants to hug him but the vibe doesn’t warrant one. She starts off by expressing how difficult she knows this is and she tells him how much she loves him. The young man is so upset he can’t even look at her. It has been such a long time and Sky tries to explain that her life isn’t as sweet as he may think. She was living in shelters before landing her job at Black Ink, and she came from humble beginnings, but he doesn’t believe her. Filled with frustration, Genesis responds “that’s some bulls–t bro” before erupting and fighting security to get off him. The mom in Sky goes in protective mode, yelling at the crew to not touch her son. Genesis and Sky are escorted out separately and her son screams to release some of his rage.

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