Flashback To The First Time We Saw Ceaser’s Ex, Crystal, In Season One When He Was Facing Jail Time for Missed Child Support Payments

Ceaser has definitely matured over the years.

NowCeaser is respectfully able to have a conversation with the mother of his child Crystal, but there was a time where she was just his baby mama who wanted him locked up over missed child support payments.
In this vintage Black Ink Crew highlight, a nervous Ceaser approaches the mother of his child and her death stare for their meeting. He doesn’t understand why she’s upset because he’s the one facing jail time for unpaid child support. He blames her for wanting him behind bars over $2,500, to which she says she is not to blame. According to him, he provided for his baby girl every week in Jordans and other goodies. To Crystal, that isn’t enough. Realizing that Ceaser doesn’t see the bigger picture past going to jail, Crystal decides this conversation is pointless before getting up to leave. He promises to give her all of her money and sarcastically says Crystal can get a new vehicle. The two get into an arguing match and before resolving to be done with the situation, Crystal calls Ceaser ratchet.

Luckily they are in a much better place now. They were even able to finish a conversation in the clip below.

She hasn’t aged a day!

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