The Love & Hip Hop Miami Cast Talks About The Two Sides of Miami: The Sacrifice and The Paradise

There's a side to Miami that we don't ever get to see.

If the first things that come to mind when you hear “Miami” are fast cars, beautiful women, South Beach and luxurious living, then you’re thinking of one specific part of the city: The paradise. According to 305 natives, there’s another side of Miami that we don’t usually get to see – the sacrifice.

For a lot of the Love & Hip Hop Miami cast, the sacrifice side of the city is where they call home. Trick Daddy, Gunplay, and Amara La Negra may have all had different versions of sacrifice from growing up poor, having legal troubles based on bad decisions in childhood, and career problems because of bad management, but they all make it clear that they’re stronger because of it. On the other hand, some cast members like Trina and Jojo may come from self-described “good families,” but that still doesn’t mean that they don’t know sacrifice, and they have given up a lot to follow their dreams.

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