Should We Have Seen The Dreamdoll vs. MariahLynn Beef Coming? Catch This Old Interview Where Dream Is Throwing Hella Shade At Her Gwinin’ Sister

The energy between these GWININ' ladies has been off for a while now.

Ok, so things were just peachy between fellow Gwinin’ artists Dreamdoll and MariahLynn, but thanks to a rivalry between their mutual friends Bianca and Bri, the beef trickled over into their friendship, too. Y’all… it got so bad, Mariah ended up doing a Spiderman leap over a park bench just put paws on her labelmate. It was awful and impressive all at once.

In hindsight, we probably should have seen this problem coming from miles away. Back in May, Dreamdoll did an interview with about her music and what the people should expect from her appearance on Love & Hip Hop. Right out the gate, Dream gets to throwing shade, boasting that she was destined to be GWININ’s breakout star.

“Yes I’m signed to Gwinin’. I’m going to be the one to make [DJ Self] a millionaire. There’s other artists signed, I don’t need to get into that, but I will be the one to make Self a millionaire. And I’m going to save this video so when we hit them M’s, y’all can use this as proof. I told y’all we ain’t gon’ lose…I’m on the team now.

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