Here Are Some Miami Hip Hop Songs Everyone Should Have on Their Playlist

Reppin' the 305!

Miami has birthed a signature sound in hip hop unlike any other city. The gorgeous weather, fast cars and well-attended gentleman’s clubs have always been synonymous with the city and trickles down all the way to the music. Acts like Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled have all made a mark on hip hop while putting the city on their back. The Miami bass era pioneered by DJ Magic Mike and 2 Live Crew kept parties rocking for decades and still can be heard in songs like DJ Khaled’s “To The Max” featuring Drake.

As Love & Hip Hop Miami sweeps in to put its stamp on the franchise, take a cruise through our playlist to hear some of the most important contributions to hip hop from Miami’s finest.

Determined and confident, Bobby Lytes says he’s ready carry the torch to make sure Miami hip hop stays on the map.

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