Tina Knowles Lawson and Her Corny Jokes Are Embarrassingly Funny AF

Seriously, she's the coolest 64-year-old we know.

Wendy Williams talks about celebs that she calls “friends in my head.” Sometimes it seems weird, but then every time Tina Knowles Lawson posts something on Instagram, we’re all reminded that she’s our auntie in our heads. Part of that is probably because we wish Beyoncé and Solange were our cousins, but Ms. Tina by herself is actually everything. She’s super relatable because she loves simple things (like Costco), giving back to her community and telling corny jokes. Even though her husband (Richard Lawson) and Beyoncé are over the jokes, she doesn’t let them steal her light. If for some reason, you don’t know anything about Ms. Tina here’s definite proof that she’s everything at 64-years-old.

Ms. Tina isn’t the only one with jokes. Check out Tiffany Haddish tell us why she loves being a professional comedian.

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