Sneak Peek: Cease Must Head To City Hall After Learning That Atlanta’s Residents Don’t Want The Black Ink Crew In Their City

"I've been charged with a lot of things in my life, but disturbing the peace?"

In Harlem, parties go on into the next day and no one will say a thing. Unfortunately for Ceaser, Atlanta is a little more serious about keeping the peace in the neighborhood.

In the Black Ink Crew sneak peek, everyone is poured up and lit off of that Henny and champagne. A blue-haired Persuasion is smitten because she finally has a man, in her mind. Sky damn near chokes on her drink when she learns Persuasion believes she’s actually in a relationship with Ceaser. Since Sky knows Ceaser wanted to end this situation for a minute now, she misguidedly informs Persuasion about Ceaser’s fake STD scare. They’re laughing but in all seriousness, Sky tells homegirl she should seriously get checked out.

It’s almost 4am when the boys come through to shut down the party due to disturbing the peace. Aside from the police coming through, 400 members of the community signed a petition to shut that shop down. If Ceaser wants to hear where all of this “y’all are not welcome” vibe is coming from, he is going to have to attend a city hall meeting in the morning.

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