O’S**t’s Wife Nikki Explains Why She Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret and Explains Their Absence From Black Ink Crew

"My husband and I wanted to enjoy our pregnancy journey away from the constant pressure and judgement that social media creates."

Many were wondering why O’Sh*t barely said anything about his wife Nikki’s pregnancy after rumors started circulating and the reason; they just didn’t want y’all in their business anymore.

On her personal blog, Daily By Nikki D., Mrs. Duncan brings followers up to speed about where she has been for the past couple of months. We know she gave birth to beautiful Nova-Rae Rose on November 30, just in time for the holidays. So what have they been up to since? For one, they have been lying low this season of Black Ink Crew to which she explains that since her television debut, social media has negatively impacted their lives.

She addresses fans’ curiosity about her whereabouts by saying,

Online, I have fielded numerous questions about why I chose to not disclose my pregnancy on social media and the answer is pretty simple — I didn’t want to. I know that sounds pretty harsh, but its not. My husband and I wanted to enjoy our pregnancy journey away from the constant pressure and judgement that social media creates.

That pressure was so intense, the two of them made the decision to keep positive vibes only. Her 15 minutes of fame led to a long time of feeling isolated and she believes that cyber-bullying is the cause of that. In recounting an instance on Instagram (which she has since deleted) that drove her to what she describes her “lowest point,” she explains,

At one point, I can remember going online and reading a comment where someone suggested that I should ’Kill myself to put everyone else out of misery’ from having to watch me on TV. At that point, I felt my lowest and it greatly affected my health, my marriage and my self-esteem.

Of course, ignoring it is easier said than done at which point she decided to lean on God and Richard to protect her energy. The pregnancy alone had it’s own complications. Unfortunately she was briefly hospitalized due to complications from Lupus however she is doing much better now, “giving [herself] time to heal.”

Oh, and baby Nova is cuter than ever and recently turned one month old!
For now, she is focusing on her family, her interior design business, and being back in great health. As far as Black Ink Crew, well I guess we’ll have to watch the season to see if they would return.

O’S**t couldn’t let Nikki go and it’s a good thing he didn’t in this throwback Black Ink Crew clip.

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