Good Things Come in Twos: Donald Glover Celebrates Birth of Second Son With Big News For Atlanta Season 2

Two huge reasons to celebrate.

By Jasmine Washington

2018 is off to an amazing start for Donald Glover. The Atlanta star recently revealed that he and his girlfriend Michelle recently celebrated the arrival of their second son.

While Glover kept deets of the baby’s name and birthdate on the low, he revealed, “I think my partner, she does all the hard stuff, to be honest. She’s just very supportive. I haven’t really had to change anything. But it’s given me definitely another perception on what life is. It gives me a lot of context,” in a statement to People.

Making his first son, Legend, a big brother isn’t the only good news on the horizon for the actor. Exciting details surrounding Glover’s hit FX series have also been released.

Set to premiere on Thursday, March 1st at 10pm on FX, the series will now be referred to as Atlanta Robbin’ Season.

Stephen Glover, Atlanta executive producer and brother to the show’s creator and star explained the concept behind the show’s new name. “It’s basically a bunch of crime…People have money and people need money. You might get your package stolen off your front porch. It’s a very intense and desperate time. We wanted to make that a backdrop to the season. We wanted to make a transition from their old lives to where they’re heading now,” Glover revealed in a chat with USA Today.

The good news doesn’t end there for Donald Glover. The Golden Globe award winning actor is slated to hit the stage at this year’s Grammy Awards under his moniker Childish Gambino, and he’s also set to star in the live action remake of Disney’s The Lion King as well as Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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