Jaquae Has Moved On and Looks Happier Than Ever In These Pictures With His New Girlfriend Kiyanne

"From the moment we started talking Kiy I knew [that] I wanted you around."

Once Jaquae cuts ’em off, he moves on with the quickness. In looking at these pictures with his new girlfriend Kiyanne, you’d forget that he was just dating Sophia Body.

After she accepted a dog from James R., Jaquae meant it when he said Sophia was a dub. Since then, he found love in a bowling place when Biance Bonnie introduced Jaquae to her homegirl Kiyanne, a dope rapper chick from Queens by ways of Strong Island. The two immediately hit it off vibing; Jaquae damn near kissed Kiyanne on the spot when she started rapping off the top. They agreed to take things slow while doing indoor skydiving but when the chemistry is there, it’s just there. Kiyanne shared this video to her Instagram page, promising to never dog him.
When you have matching furs then you know it’s real.
And he is crazy about her.
Most importantly, he definitely is not shy in expressing his feelings, adding a nice caption for his new boo in this photo.

B4 this year ends ? l wanna say from the moment we started talking kiy I knew dat I wanted you around ? I appreciate you ? Happy New Years from me & my lady @therealkiyanne ? Only keep positive energy around you in 2018 ‼️ [His and Hers only]

Now that is dope.


In this Love & Hip Hop bonus clip, Bianca and MariahLynn discuss setting up Jaquae with Kiyanne.

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