Sneak Peek: Amara is Hurt to Hear That Veronica Vega is Actually Considering Going Out on a Date With Young Hollywood Following His Disrespectful Comments

"Why would she give someone who was so insulting to me the time of day?"

Veronica Vega was shocked to hear what Young Hollywood had to say about Amara’s appearance. So why is she considering going on a date with him?

In the Love & Hip Hop Miami sneak peek, Amara meets up with Steph Lecor. The two immediately catch up because Steph needs to tell Amara about her encounter with Young Hollywood. Already Amara feels some type of way and is annoyed to hear that he was flirting with her friend Veronica Vega. When his ignorant comments regarding Amara’s style were brought up, Steph remembers how shook he looked. He admitted he owed Amara an apology, but added that he’d only do that if Veronica went on a date with him. To hear that Veronica entertained Hollywood’s proposition has Amara thrown off. Where is the loyalty? Amara has never been one to hold grudges, but until he apologizes she wants nothing to do with Young Hollywood.

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