ICYMI: Keyara Presses Miami Tip for Flirting With Gunplay But Surprisingly Ends Up Being Bagged By Her Instead

If only all Love & Hip Hop arguments could end this way.

Keyara was worried about Miami Tip and Gunplay’s relationship but after meeting the stripper, it seems like Gunplay is the one who needs to be worried. Tip isn’t playing fair.

In this Love & Hip Hop Miami highlight, Keyara pulls up to the strip club to pay Miami Tip a visit because she is not playing with any woman who flirts with her man. She fills in her friend Chinese Nicky on why she really brought her out. Tip popping her pums on the pool table and bending down in front of Gunplay is grounds to get that butt whooped, hence the reason for the pop up to see what’s good. The ladies press Tip, and her friend Skrawberry tells Keyara that Gunplay and Tip have messed around plenty of times before. Things begin to get loud and Miami is unapologetic because Gunplay isn’t married so she can care less about a girlfriend. Miami Tip does what Miami Tip wants to do. In the most shocking turn of events, Miami says, “I don’t want no mother f—ing Gunplay….”

“…but now that I know how you look, I would’ve still got on the f–ing table and had you on the table with me!” Keyara goes from upset to flattered and responds with “what that mean?” knowing damn well she knows what Tip is getting at.

Miami feels Keyara wants her and even has the girl spinning around showing off her assets. Now cheesing from ear-to-ear, Keyara has no more issues with Miami who hits her with the “call me” when Keyara and Chinese Nicky walk out.

And Keyara lifts up a little cheek to remind Miami what she is working with.

Well, that was um, interesting. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Miami next Monday at 9/8c!

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