The Aspiring Models Show Stacey McKenzie Their Runway Walks to Mixed Results in the America’s Next Top Model Sneak Peek

Whose walk is EVERYTHING and whose walks is EH?

You don’t know how much you need Stacey McKenzie until you do! In a sneak peek for an all new America’s Next Top Model, the Canadian supermodel and runway coach brings her perfect blend of critic and friend to the crop of new aspiring models.

Stacey wants to see what the girls have to offer when it comes to runway. Sure, they can take a pretty picture…but can they walk? Stacey watches as the girls give her their very best strut and the results, are, well, a mixed bag. Stacey approves of what Coura and Jeana are serving but tells Liz she has “a lot of work to do.” Will Stacey’s words inspire, frustrate, or maybe a little of both?

Find out what happens with the 15 selected models on the next America’s Next Top Model, Tuesday at 8/7c.