50 Cent Punk’D Us Into Thinking He Was Making Amends With Wendy Williams

Fif, you play too much!

We all know that once 50 Cent sinks his teeth into a rival, there’s no letting up. The rapper-actor has let social media beefs play out with everyone from Rick Ross, Meek Mill and now Wendy Williams. The talk show host sent Fif into a meme-fueled rage ever since she suggested he “get a life” during her Hot Topics segment. After weeks of coming for her neck with all types of Insta-shenanigans, 50 is finally ready to cut Wendy a break…or so we thought.

Today, the Power creator posted a video chilling backstage on the set of a talk show to promote his new movie Den of Thieves alongside fellow co-star O’Shea Jackson, Jr.. 50 starts off letting his fans know that the time has come to make up with the daytime diva after weeks of petty attacks. In case you haven’t seen, 50 has been giving Ms. Wendy hell on social media since she mentioned him on her show. The rapper has posted unflattering bikini photos of her, taken jabs at her husband’s alleged affair, and even compared her face to a lion’s. For a second we thought we were about to see their long-running beef finally come to an end.
Sike! Did you forget this is 50 Cent we’re talking about? As soon as we thought the rapper was about to bring Wendy into the frame for a friendly hug, he wraps his arm around someone dressed in a chicken suit. “So me and Wendy Williams are making up, and everything is just gonna be cool from now on,” 50 says to the camera while standing next to the giant bird. Wow Fif, your petty is unmatched.

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