Lindsay Lohan is Apparently Designing Her Very Own “Lohan Island” in Dubai

What will Lindsay think up next?

Lindsay Lohan stopped by the Wendy Williams Show on Friday to talk about everything that’s going on with her life and she did not disappoint. Wendy covers everything from whether or not Lindsay is dating anyone at the moment (she’s not), to why she has chosen to travel between Dubai and Los Angeles (Dubai has less paparazzi and more fun) and everything in between.

As it turns out, LiLo has been thriving with her new life in Dubai and that her relationship with her entire family is stronger than ever. They all (yes, even her mom and dad) showed up for her interview.
But perhaps the most interesting part of the segment is when Williams asks Lohan about her current projects. It looks like Linds is busy lately with a lipstick line, jewelry line, club openings in Greece and…designing her own island in Dubai.

Lindsay explains, “I’m discussing designing my own island in Dubai at the World Islands.”

The name? Simple:

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