Here’s What Kim Kardashian Had to Say About Her Invite to Paris Hilton’s Wedding

She's already got her +1 on deck.

By Jasmine Washington

Last week, Paris Hilton confirmed that she’d be sending her former frenemy Kim Kardashian an invitation to her and actor Chris Zylka’s upcoming wedding.

After getting word of Paris’ commentary, Kim Kardashian addressed whether or not she’d be in attendance at the former reality star’s nuptials during a brief chat with TMZ.

While hitting the town on a date night with her hubby Kanye West, Kardashian revealed that she’d most certainly would be attending Paris’ wedding with her husband in tow.

The fact that Kim Kardashian has accepted Paris Hilton’s wedding invitation comes as a surprise to many. The former friends, who have been known for their very public fall outs, recently mended their friendship after years of being estranged.

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