Shay Proves That A Well-Aimed Ice Cream Cone Is The Best Weapon In A Fight

Will Shay's attack force Gabby to make like a banana and split? ??

You know it’s not good when you’re at an event with your man, can’t find him, and all of his buddies are telling you they’re sure he’s not up to no good so don’t go looking for him.

But Shay Johnson already has trust issues with Pleasure P. so she ignores the calls from his Pretty Ricky bandmates, goes off to find her man and is shocked to see him canoodling with his ex, Gabby. Lucky for Shay, this is an ice cream social, and she’s ready to connect with Gabs. All I can say is, the girl has some seriously good aim.

Will Shay forgive Pleasure for his indiscretion, or was this the cherry on top of a failed relationship? Find out next Monday on Love & Hip Hop Miami.