Check Yourself: Amara Can’t Believe How Quiet Her “Friend” Veronica Was When Young Hollywood Called Her Ignorant

"Veronica was too busy feeling all silky and doing her hair flips and sipping on champagne."

Amara thought she had a homegirl in Veronica Vega but when Veronica stayed silent while Young Hollywood called the Dominican-singer ignorant, she was proven wrong.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Miami, Young Hollywood can’t even fix his mouth to give Amara La Negra a compliment. “Amara looks a hot mess, personal opinion,” Young Hollywood unapologetically says before wondering where Veronica is going with that silky pajama set. He’s not the only fashion policia in the building. Amara can express the same distaste she has for his attire. His “gangsterism” needs to be dialed back and the papi-chulo act is tired. The kicker was when he called Amara “ignorant.” She was under the impression that he was there to offer an apology. To add insult to injury, her friends Steph and Veronica said nothing in Amara’s defense. At the end of the day, Young Hollywood knows this is a dead end situation, which is why he took his “positive ass out,” exactly where Amara needs him to be.

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