Drew Elliott Sits Down With Maggie Keating, the First Girl Eliminated from America’s Next Top Model

He just wishes that this girl had been more authentic in the competition.

The time has come for the first woman to be eliminated from America’s Next Top Model. After explaining to us that she was looking for a model who is “next level fierce,” we knew that Tyra wouldn’t be playing around when it came to eliminating one of the fifteen hopefuls. Panelist Drew Elliott sat down with the first girl to leave the competition to talk about everything from how she felt during the competition to who she’s rooting for now that she’s gone.

21-year-old Maggie didn’t exactly start off on the right foot when she told the judges that she goes by “Homegirl Maggie.” They felt that she was being inauthentic and they definitely weren’t getting the “homegirl” vibe from the relaxed, bubbly contestant. Maggie insists that this made her nervous and uneasy during her time in the competition and effected her performance in the long-run.

She stands by her “homegirl” persona, but she also wishes she had a “take two” to present herself more authentically instead of worrying about what everyone thought about her. To which Drew says, “We didn’t want you to ever have any reason to say, ’If I had a take two…’ because I think if you came and presented your authentic self, I think you would’ve needed only one take.”

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