It’s Makeover Time! The Models Get Their Wigs and Edges Snatched As They Find Out They’re Getting “Ty-Overs” in the ANTM Sneak

Spoiler Alert: There will probably be tears.

If your favorite part of each America’s Next Top Model cycle is the makeover episode, then you are in luck! In the sneak peek for next week’s episode, Tyra gets straight to the point and tells the girls what’s gonna go down in the salon and, of course, some contestants just aren’t having it.

Very few people are blessed enough to get a “Ty-over” (a Tyra-freakin-Banks-inspired makeover!) and even though the goal is to help the girls serve fierce LEWKS with new looks, not everyone has the same reaction. The looks run the gamut. We’ve got the color changes: Christina will be giving us bold color to match her bold entrance, Liberty’s ponytail will match her politics, and Kyla is going brown with more volume. Meanwhile, we’ve got Erin and Rhiyan getting bundles on bundles and Brendi K. and Ivana kissing their locks goodbye. And then there’s Coura, who’s getting “The Coura.” What does that even mean? Coura wants to know and TBH we do, too.

Be sure to catch new episodes of America’s Next Top Model on Tuesday at 8/7c.

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