Black Ink Crew Bonus Clip: Is Ted Secretly Moonlighting As A Stripper?

A dolla will make Teddy Rucks holla.

What would you think if you walked into your job and saw your co-worker counting a bunch of single dollar bills in a CVS plastic bag? You’d probably think they were collecting their stripping tips and that would be a logical conclusion to jump to. So what’s Teddy’s excuse?

EVERYBODY knows that Black Ink Crew loves dancers and from the looks of it, Ted might be shaking his groove thang at the next party at the shop. We haven’t seen much of Ted this season, so to see him counting money out of a plastic bag does support this theory. Before he can finish sorting all of his ones and acknowledge Walt’s 101 questions, Miss Kitty snatches up a lil’ stack of money from Ted’s bag for lunch. Ted’s too busy trying to get that money back to prevent Donna from slipping some ones into her bra and wig cap (pardon me while I take a mental note of this incredible hiding place). When Jadah walks in and proposes his stripper name, everyone agrees that “Ted D, Let Me See” is not going to work.

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