Sky’s “Manager In Training” Gets Roughed Up By Young Bae After Walking Into Black Ink A Little Too Bossed Up

This new girl's really not great at reading a room.

After struggling to find a qualified manager to replace Melody, Sky thought she struck gold with her new hire Tatiana. This girl has the plenty of experience managing tattoo shops, she’s got the right look and a down ass personality that would fit right in. Well, turns out she’s not that great at reading the room.

Sky thought the shop’s Halloween-themed tattooathon (where lots of liquor was flowing) would be the perfect time for Tatiana to pop up and flex her managerial skills. To show what she’s made of, Tati tries to boss up on Donna and Young Bae before even introducing herself, leaving all the artists confused as to WTF was even going on. Young Bae is so heated by her new manager’s bossy behavior, she completely loses it and dives on her as security rushes in to break it up.

Hopefully, Bae and Tati’s talk did the job in smoothing things over. Side note: let this be an example of why there’s usually several interviews before a job offer is made.

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