Ciara Sparks Heated #RelationshipGoals Debate After Tweet Encouraging Women to “Level Up”

Was Ciara being shady or are people missing the whole point?

By Jasmine Washington

Ciara became #relationshipgoals after she recovered from her failed engagement with Future and began a new life with her husband Russell Wilson. Social media was so proud to see the singer bounce back from a very messy breakup and land what appeared to be her very own fairytale romance. Despite all of the love Cici acquired online throughout her new relationship, the singer has somehow managed to ruffle the feathers of social media users with a recent Twitter post.

The drama began when Ciara wrote #LevelUp as the caption for a meme of Pastor John Gray preaching a sermon on the character of a wife and women who walk in the spirit of a girlfriend.

Almost instantly, Ciara’s mentions were filled with people slamming her using her new role as a wife to shame single women.

Despite the backlash, there were a slew of supporters who came out uplifting Ciara in spite of the drama.

There were even some Twitter users who saw the truth in both arguments.

Ciara has yet to speak out publicly about the outrage and as it stands now, the tweet in question has yet to be deleted.

Being a mother clearly suits Ciara. Watch her open up about how it has influenced her new album.

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