Good Sis Juju Shows Up To Support Amara La Negra in the Love & Hip Hop Miami Sneak Peek

"We're Afro-Latinas, we're here to stay, and we have little girls looking up to us."

Afro-Latinas come from several different Hispanic countries which is why a bothered Amara reaches out to a long-time friend for some much-needed guidance.

In the sneak peek to Love & Hip Hop Miami, who better to receive advice from than fellow Afro-Latina Juju? Amara’s crossover into the American music industry has been a long time coming but the ignorant comments from Young Hollywood seem to be the topic of every conversation now. Juju can relate because as an Afro-Cubana, she has no shame in flaunting her natural hair when she feels like it. As role models, there are many young girls who relate to the same struggle. Juju expresses, “I want her to be proud and embrace her identity” and if that means rocking that ’fro or throwing on a wig, Amara can do it all because ultimately, she loves the skin she’s in.

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