The Models Are Ready for Their Closeups in the ANTM Sneak Peek

ANTA: America's Next Top Actress

They may know their angles and how to smize, but do they know how to read lines? Some of the models will be fine but others will have to work a little harder to impress in next week’s challenge.
With their scripts hot off the press, the models only have a few hours to learn their lines in order to prepare for their next challenge, acting. Rhiyan is nervous because of her limited acting experience, and even with Kyla’s help, she still might need to pull an all nighter to get this acting thing right. Before the challenge begins, Stacey McKenzie tells the girls that they better be ready because director Anthony Hemingway and actor Kevin Phillips will be helping in this screen test, but also judging their performances. While Rhiyan might be nervous, Khrystyana is ready to give acting a chance after being held by back language barriers in the past.

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