Walt Flips Out (Literally) After Finding Out Jadah and Donna Hooked Up Behind His Back

Was Walt right to be mad, or does he need to get out of his feelings?

Poor Walt. One day, you’re taking your crush out for open mic night, and the next she’s opening something else… for someone else.

In this Black Ink Crew clip, Jadah and Donna invite the entire crew over to their place for a hot and sexy lingerie party. Apparently, Jadah was looking too good for Donna to keep her hands off, and Jadah was with it despite the fact that she’s kind of seeing Walt. The two ladies sneak off to the bedroom to “talk” (spoiler alert: they weren’t talking) and because news travels fast among this crew, this gets back to Walt in no time.

Walt feels super played by not only at Jadah for having the nerve to hook up with someone else literally one room away from him, but also by Donna for moving in on someone he obviously liked. Jadah clearly doesn’t see the big deal, so Walt ends up flipping over all the drinks in the party before storming out.

Will Jada and Walt be able to move past this, or is he leaving his fling with Jadah in the dust? Find out when Black Ink Crew returns next Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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