Viewers Were Really Wondering If Shaggy Was Actually Jim Jones During the 60th Annual Grammy Awards

You legit may have to do a double-take.

Seems like Jim Jones has a doppelgänger because someone pulled up to the 2018 Grammy Awards looking just like him, but also like Shaggy. (Let that sink in.)

OK, so it was Shaggy but in fans’ defense, the singer hasn’t been seen around like that since about 2000 when he was adamant that the person banging a girl on the counter wasn’t him. Well, it was him at the Grammys doing subway car(pool) karaoke with Sting and James Corden however, tweeps ain’t buying it. Some shared conspiracy theories:

Others were flat-out confused.

Nonetheless, the comparison is jokes because, accuracy.

Can you tell who’s who? Flip the card!

In all serious, the self-described “not-so-odd-couple” who are Shaggy and Sting have announced a soon-to-be-released album 44/876 hence the link up. The first single to drop is titled “Don’t Make Me Wait.” Something tells me there won’t be any “ballin'” ad libs on this one seeing as how Jimmy and Shaggy really are two different people.

Or are they…

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