Anais is Caught Sipping Piña Coladas Instead of Helping Hurricane Victims and Everyone is Pissed

"You look like Malibu Barbie and we look like the help."

Apparently, Anais didn’t get the memo that the St. Maarten trip was for volunteer work and not a vacation.

In this Love & Hip Hop clip, Yandy, Jonathan and Brittney are hard at work packing supplies and care packages for families in St. Maarten that were devastated by Hurricane Irma. The tropical weather and beautiful beaches may be tempting, but ultimately everyone is there to work…everyone except Anais.

As the gang puts in work lifting boxes and packing canned goods, Anais is by the bar pouring herself a cocktail. I mean, it is St. Maarten after all, right? Jonathan, feeling slightly embarrassed that he invited someone who hasn’t lifted a finger to help (and the fact that she’s strutting around in a bathing suit), and urges Anais to get dressed so she can pitch in. As things escalate, Anais feels attacked and is disappointed that her BFF isn’t sticking up for her.

If you recall, these two have bee tight since they were teenagers. So Anais can’t help but wonder if Jonathan is just showing out for his other friend Yandy. Did Anais deserve to get checked, or did Jonathan blow things out of proportion?

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