Young Hollywood Manages to Successfully Apologize to Amara After A Million Failed Attempts


Someone call the press, because Young Hollywood finally apologized to Amara La Negra for real. Looks like the third time is truly the charm. The first time he said sorry, he only wanted a date out of it, the second time he managed to dig himself further into the hole by calling Amara ignorant, and now he’s saying sorry and the beef might actually be squashed for good.
Instead of doing the most, he followed six simple steps:
1. He took a chill pill after Juju went off on him.
2. He pulled Amara aside out of the prying eyes of others.
3. He actually said he was sorry.
4. He clarified what he meant but still said sorry again for offending her.
5. He listened to Amara when she responded.
6. They hugged.

How hard was that?! Why couldn’t this have happened three weeks ago?

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