YouTuber Patrick Starrr Brings A Special Bag of Tricks For The Model’s Next Challenge in this ANTM Sneak Peek

Hard boiled eggs, razors, and condoms, oh my!

Good thing the models had their close ups last week, because in next week’s America’s Next Top Model challenge, they’ll be getting an even closer close up as they do beauty tutorials with one of YouTube’s biggest stars.

The models are excited when Ashley announces the special guest for the challenge this week: Patrick Starrr. In case you’ve never fallen down the Youtube beauty rabbit hole, Patrick Starrr is a makeup sorcerer and performs acts of wonder when it comes to contours and highlights. He has over 3 million followers and a ton of famous fans including none other than Ms. Tyra Banks.

It only makes sense that he would help out this season of ANTM and have the models do a beauty tutorial challenge. But because nothing in this competition is ever a walk in the park, Patrick pulls out a bag of tricks and lets the models that they will have to use some unconventional tools to create the perfect beat face. Sandra might have tons of followers on social media, but has she ever made a beauty video using a contraception as a beauty tool? Well she’s going to now that she and Shanice were given condoms to work with.

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