New Show Alert: VH1 Beauty Bar Will Follow Stylists at an Elite NYC Salon

Think Love & Hip Hop meets Black Ink Crew.

If it’s possible for all the drama that goes down on Black Ink Crew to happen in a tattoo shop, imagine all that could pop off in a salon? VH1 Beauty Bar, a new show premiering on February 28th, will do just that when it follows the colorful employees of HOUSE OF DOLLS in the up-and-coming northern Manhattan neighborhood, Inwood.

Our #team at The House of Dolls by King Henry

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HOUSE OF DOLLS, which caters to New York’s elite, is a full-service salon that does everything from beat faces, lay edges and loc hair. The shops owner, Henry and his business partner Tess mean business as they try to build their brand. That’s easier said than done considering the stylists are more colorful than their creations. < Thalia makes sure that she and her makeup expertise are the center of attention. Kevin also does make up and has made a name for himself on social media. Vee is the resident colorist who hopes to own her own salon. Notik is the in-house barber. But now that the salon has added two new stylists, Princess, a weaveologist, and her best friend Rell, a loctician, things are bound to get shaken up with all of these personalities in the same space.

What can you expect to see this season? The group trying to confront their differences, while struggling to put their egos aside to continue to succeed in the beauty industry.

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Be sure to check out Beauty Bar on Wednesday, February 28th at 10/9c.

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