Tom Hardy Finally Paid Off a Bet to Leonardo DiCaprio…By Getting a Tattoo

If either of these men asked me to get a tattoo I absolutely would.

Back when Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio were making a little Oscar-winning film called The Revenant, the two costars and pals made a friendly bet. According to an interview with Esquire, DiCaprio told Hardy that he was definitely going to get and Oscar nom. for Best Actor in a Supporting Role the legend goes, Hardy didn’t believe his costar, so the two made a bet. If Hardy was nominated, he would have to get a tattoo with Leo’s name. If he wasn’t, Leo had to get a tattoo with Hardy’s name.

Hardy was, in fact, nominated for his role, which means that Leo didn’t just win his first Oscar that year for The Revenant, he also won a bet. What tattoo did Leo choose?

Getty Images
This is what I imagine Leo actually said to Tom in this moment.

Well, according to a fan photo, it looks like Hardy made good on that promise.

Do you spot it? It says, “Leo knows it all” on his bicep. According to Hardy, “[Leo] wrote, in this really sh-tty handwriting: ’Leo knows everything.'” He said he would make good on the bet, but that Leo would “have to write it properly.” I guess that involved changing some of the words so that the tattoo looked a little cooler. Can’t be walking around with ink that looks like sh-t.

Let’s just hope Hardy doesn’t regret his tattoo like this woman did when she got a face tattoo from Phor.

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